Welcome to Taurage hostel!

For your stay, we invite you to choose Tauragė hostel guest house – hotel type apartments.

Tauragė hostel is conveniently located just 2 km from the city center. A comfortable and quiet place to stay with family, business travelers or larger groups.

We provide double and triple room rental services, private hotel-type apartments for rent.

Our guest house is pet friendly and comfortable for small children. The rooms have all amenities – shower, toilet, internet and TV. We will provide the layout of the beds according to your needs. Shared kitchen with all the necessary equipment for your cooking.

Next to the guest house there is a free parking lot, the possibility to park trucks or other heavy transport equipment. Close to supermarkets, gas station.

Additional services

For those who come to Tauragė hostel, we will offer additional services we provide:

  • Comfortable rest in a rural tourism homestead with a sauna and a swimming pool just 10 km from the Tauragė hostel;
  • Sauna rental for individual groups;
  • Quality catering services for your celebration or stay (if desired);
  • Decorating services for your celebration;

Additional information about places of interest in Taurage region.