Taurage region is famous for active entertainment. It will be interesting here not only for families with small children and young people who miss active entertainment, but also for groups of older people. We invite you to spend active free time and relax in the Juodpetriu bath house or the Manor!

We invite you to have fun:

Kayaking around Akmena, Jura or Sheshuvis

Kayaking in Taurage is one of the most popular ways to get to know the Taurage region by traveling along water routes. Enjoy a variety of routes and picturesque landscapes, and after a long voyage we will be waiting for you at our Manor. Enjoy the relaxing effects of the swimming pool and bath.

Active entertainment zone in Taurai Park

Taurai Park of memorable moments and active entertainment for the whole family! Try tracks of varying difficulty, have fun, travel, ride bikes with family and friends. We are waiting for you after a meaningful and eventful day!

Extreme and fun paintball battle

For those who want to strengthen the relationships of their employees, test the reaction of friends or surprise the family with new, never experienced feelings, we invite you to try your hand at paintball in Tauragė. After this active entertainment, you can restore your strength in our Manor with a swimming pool.